Travelling Around

Well, we had a great trip to Winnipeg last week. Unreal stuff. You know, most people wouldn’t think of Winnipeg as an awesome place to go hang out, (I would be one of those people… haha) but I was hanging out with a bunch guys who’ve never really travelled much outside of Saskatoon and were able to spend some quality time on the road with a bunch of their friends. Some times you just want to share things with people you love. You just want them to see some of the cool things in life because the reactions they give you are just so totally worth it. 
Moments like that are worth millions of dollars.
It was also sweet to take this specific group of guys, because they’re all leaders in some way shape or form, and it’s good to recognize that in them. There are some pretty crazy stories locked up between the eyes of those guys, and they’re continuing to prove they have an amazing amount of potential. 
I feel blessed that Jesus has placed these kids in my life and allowed me to see them grow and mature into the men they’ve become. Getting to share these experiences with them is priceless, a true gift.


One great story from the week. 
The captain of my team, Brennan, had shown up to Winnipeg with one pair of raggedy old shoes. He’d used them for everything the last little while (everything from gym class to concrete work) and they were in terrible shape. The first night we get there, we get out the equipment to have a little late night scrimmage in the gym, and he blows his foot right out the side of his shoe. Well… All the way to Winnipeg only to wreck the one pair of shoes he has to get him through the next month (forget the fact that he can’t play hockey). Luckily, the YFC guy in Winnipeg (Jamie) had an extra pair of shoes lying around that Bren could use, but that was just for the week. He still had to have something to work in when he got back.
That night, Jamie got home and figured he’d throw it out to a few people on Facebook to see if they’d consider helping out our friend Brennan with shoes. Naturally, there’s an overwhelmingly awesome response. He ends up with $130 to spend and has someone mention they’ll give out their staff discount at sportchek.

I mentioned to Brennan, that while we have the ability, we might as well get you two pairs, gym pair/everyday pair, that way they’ll last at least. So, Brennan came to Winnipeg with a crappy pair of shoes, leaves with two great ones that’ll hopefully last him a while!
If you know Brennan and the crap he’s had to deal with, you’d be as stoked as I am. Having known him for 6 years I can say that I’m incredibly proud of this kid. I’ve been able to watch him make good decisions and man up without any support. He’s literally making it on his own, and sometimes seeing a boost come from someone else really lifts your spirits.
I told him, “Sometimes God just decides to bless you, even though it looks crappy. This stuff happens to me all the time man. You could play it off on coincidence, but this happens to me way too much to believe that crap.”
Super glad he ruined his shoes now. Really, really glad.
And that’s why I love Jesus.

God is good y’all. 

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