Thank you!

        It’s been quite the year. One that I’m incredibly thankful of, but one that has most definitely stretched and pushed me. Basically there’s one thing I can seriously sit back and be thankful for, and that is the group of people I have behind me. The amazing group of supporters, donating and praying for everything I do here at SYFC. I have made it one more year living entirely off of a call that I believed God placed on my life. A call to work in and among the unloved, forgotten and hurting kids of Saskatoon. I stepped into this having no clue what it would really end up looking like or how I would survive, but I did it because I trusted that God would provide. And He did. I believe at this point I’ve successfully raised about $90,000 over the last three years here at YFC (yup...). This is incredibly humbling and amazing. That shows the kind of belief people have bestowed on my life and blows me away beyond measure. 

        All I can say is thank you. So, thank you. 

        Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for trusting my work. Thank you for partnering with us. Thank you for believing in these kids. Thank you for believing these kids are worth it. Thank you for sacrificing for that belief. Thank you for those little discussions where you ask how our kids are doing. Thank you for the smiles and notes of encouragement. Thank you for the simple statement “You’re doing good work.” (If you only knew its impact). Thank you for the statement “I’m proud of you.” Thank you for looking for creative ways to serve us. Thank you for praying consistently. Seriously. Thank you for those little prayers you throw up not really knowing just what they’re doing. I’m exhausted. I may have hit the breaking point a couple times this year, but there was something keeping me going, something pushing me ahead. If you only knew the times I felt supernatural peace and strength to push forward you would totally understand (but I guess you can’t… that must just be my blessing!). Jesus has used your prayers marvellously. By the grace of God I’ll remain at this position as long as I can. Thank you so much.
   I don’t wonder if I could have done it without you, I straight up know I couldn’t have. Jesus has sustained me this far and used you guys to play a huge part in doing so. These victories I’ve seen working in kids hearts are as much mine as they are yours. Every moment I spend pouring into kids' lives, every minute spent planning program activities, every school I step into, is all empowered by the grace of God administered through your prayers and sacrifices. I’ll never forget the feeling I got the first time a support check came in the mail. It’s one thing to do a job for a paycheque, it’s another thing to have people send in their hard-earned money to empower the work you do. It is amazing and I’m glad to be in this position (even though the uncertainty is often mildly terrifying…). By His power, through His leading, for His glory. Thank you.