Boot Camp


I feel like Boot Camp just gets better every year. Still the most insane and tiring weekend of the year, it brings a whole lot of joy. There was a ton of snow so we didn’t get to enjoy the tubing hill quite like we wanted to, but we were still playing tons of hockey! We had the most incredible tournament final ever. The top two teams squared off in an epic match-up including 4 lead changes! It was incredible to watch the two teams battle back from deficits and create an unbelievable spectator event! Every goal was followed by insanely loud cheering making the atmosphere of the gym absolutely electric. Finally, it was the Capitals that got to hoist the Wes Thiessen Memorial Cup, proclaimed as the new reigning Boot Camp champions! All in all it was a great weekend. there were tons of comments about how fun it was and we were stoked to provide that for them. Now we’re just looking toward next year!!!


Kim WorthingtonComment