Grad Season

Grad season was crazy this year!  There were so many guys graduating, guys who I have been connected to and journeying with over the past few years.  It was celebrating the end of one chapter, and prayerfully looking towards the next.  As part of my gift to my boys, I offered to take their grad photos, to ensure they had a permanent memory of this big day.  In addition, I was able to come along side a few of these guys to help them assemble and organize their grad suits.  This was a big deal, and it meant so much to them to have me serve them in this way.  Sadly, many of these guys lack the support from home to navigate these pivotal life moments, is it was an honour to step in and be a part of this special season.  As you can see from the photos, the guys looked incredibly sharp and felt so celebrated and valued.  I will continue to walk with the young men as they journey into the next chapter of their stories.

Corwin Thiessen