Calbreak at the Saskatoon Ex

For the second year, we were blessed to have to have a California Breakaway booth at the Saskatoon EX in August.  This iconic event brings in over 200,000 people during its six day run, and they predict that over 10,000 of those in attendance are between the ages of 13-18.  It seemed like a prime opportunity to advertise our Calbreak trip, which is geared especially for high school students.

Throughout the 6 day fair, we were able to connect with thousands of high school students as well as parents.  We served the students by handing out free sunglasses when they visited our booth.  But probably the most powerful serving opportunity came in the form of our cell phone charging station!  If you know youth, you will understand that keeping their phone charged is one of the top priorities in life!  What started as a little charging table last year morphed into a full “Charge & Chill” Zone this year, complete with couches and coffee tables.  It was a wise decision, as we constantly had youth hanging around our booth charging their phones, which gave us a chance to build relationships and talk about the Calbreak trip.

Please pray that the seeds that were planted will begin to grow, and that these students will register for our trip.  Our desire is for these kids to connect with God’s story, so that they can have renewed life and fresh hope as part of their stories.  Our Calbreak trip is a powerful opportunity to share the life giving Story of Jesus with these young people


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Corwin ThiessenComment