D4 Hip Hop Show

We were blessed to have Christian rap artist Veshone join us for a few days in October. We had worked with him previously at another event in spring, and were excited to invite him back to Saskatoon. He headlined a hip-hop show for D4, which also featured legacy one, a local spoken word/hip hop crew.

To create some hype for the event, we did a massive Gymblast event at St Luke School. The principal was so supportive, and he invited every grade 7 and 8 student from the four surrounding elementary Catholic schools to join up for this community event! There were over 200 students at the Gymblast! During this event, Veshone was able to share his testimony, and perform one of his songs. We are so thankful to God for this amazing opportunity.



We had a large crowd turn out the night of the D4 event, there was so much energy! Legacy One had a powerful show that talked about identity, and Veshone ended the night reminding the students that we don’t need approval from anyone but God.


Corwin ThiessenComment