Students Respond to God's Story in California

This past April we took 94 teenagers from across the province to California for our annual California Breakaway trip (Calbreak).  The students were able to experience the best beaches, theme parks, attractions and shopping, all with their best friends.  But the most significant part of our trip was that these students also had the opportunity to build authentic relationships with our staff. 

Through these relationships, we were able to organically share the story of God’s love with these kids.  Approximately 80% of our students did not come from a church background, so the story of Jesus was new to most of them.  

Our guest speaker was Sid Koop, a well respected teacher and communicator within Canada youth ministry circles.  During our large group times, Sid was able to share some thoughts and truths about who God is and how to begin relationship with Jesus.  The kids were very receptive and our staff were able to have meaningful conversations about how to follow Jesus.

Sid Koop sharing God's story with our students.

Sid Koop sharing God's story with our students.

I got to reconnect with some of the guys from Calbreak at our Movie Premiere!

Of the 94 students on our trip this year, 23 indicated that they wanted to begin a relationship with God!  Please pray for these students, and for us as we try to continue to encourage and disciple them.

In May we were able to have a reunion with our Calbreak students.  We had a premiere of our Calbreak movie at the Roxie Theatre in Saskatoon, complete with a red carpet.  It was so great to reconnect with these kids. 

Please pray for the upcoming year, that we would have the opportunity to share God’s story with a hundreds more students on Calbreak 2018!

Corwin ThiessenComment