11 Students Build Slaughter House in Belize!

2017 Project Serve Belize Team

2017 Project Serve Belize Team

This year we had a team of 11 youth on our Project Serve Belize Team.  We began training in Sept/16, meeting every month for team building exercises, bible study and to learn about poverty alleviation and what that really looks like.  We were blessed with 11 incredible young leaders, and it was a joy to serve with them.

In Belize we partner with a local orphanage, the King’s Children’s Home.  This is home for approximately 80 kids, ranging in age from newborns to 19 years.  Every year we ask the home what they need, what projects could be helpful to them.  This year our project was to assist in the construction of a slaughter house facility.  The home is striving to become more self-sustaining, they desire to produce their own food.  At the moment they do not have a safe and clean environment for butchering.  The slaughter house will be a safe and clean facility for this to happen, and with on site refrigeration, there will be minimal waste.

When we arrived, the biggest job was to pour the concrete roof.  The team worked really hard to prepare the the building for this stage, and when it came time to actually pour the concrete, we finished the entire thing in less than a day.  The local workers were very impressed with our team’s efforts.  Check out the video below:

The Big Pour

We also spent a lot of time with the children of the home, providing opportunity for a “Sunday Funday”, a chance for the kids to run around, play games, and feel like kids again.  We also helped with a local kid’s club, running games, craft activities, and leading a time of teaching and singing.

Our group of teens was stretched as they served, and they learned a lot about what servant leadership looks like.  They also grew in relationship with each other and with Jesus through this experience.  They came home inspired to find ways to continue a lifestyle of service here at home. We thank God for this amazing experience!

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