Squad Christmas

This has been a busy and challenging few months at YFC.  I continue to provide mentorship to my ‘squad’, helping them navigate through some difficult circumstances and trying to be Jesus to them.  The ‘squad’ is a group of immigrant boys that have been connected with for the past few years, and this group keeps growing in number.  More and more of their friends are showing up at our youth events and lunches,  and it’s been a sweet opportunity to grow the circle of influence. 

I have had many opportunities to share the story of Jesus with kids who wouldn’t normally hear.  Many of these boys have been making really harmful and destructive decisions lately, please pray for me as I walk along side them and try to provide spiritual and emotional care.   I am very thankful that we have built a network of support with local churches to come alongside these boys as well, the community of care is making a difference!

You can help me bring life to the stories of these students!

Thank you for your partnership!

Corwin ThiessenComment