All Girls Team Serves in Belize!

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you
— James 1:27 (NLT)

I had another amazing opportunity to serve with students in Belize this past February.  Project Serve is our annual youth missions trip, and it is a beautiful expression of love and service, allowing high school students to experience love in action.  We partner with a local orphanage in Belize, the King’s Children’s Home, where over 100 kids currently live.  It is a blessing to have been partnered with this home over the past 10 years, and we feel blessed to be able to serve them any way we can.  We are able to spend quality time with the children there, playing games, helping with homework, caring for babies, playing basketball with the older boys, and just simply showing God’s love to these precious kids.  We are also able to provide resources every year to build into the infrastructure of the home.  Over the past few years we have been involved in various building and construction projects.  This year the team was involved in mixing and pouring cement in the inner courtyard of the home.  This area becomes unusable in the rainy season, it becomes a giant mud pit.  This new concrete pad will allow the home to use this space more effectively throughout the year.  It was so rewarding to see the girls push their physical, emotional and spiritual limits during our time in Belize.  God became very real to the team, and revealed Himself in new and fresh ways to all of us.  These girls were inspired to develop a lifestyle of service where they give of themselves everyday, whether in Belize or in Canada. 

One of the major differences this year was the size and makeup of the team.  Not only was the size of the team smaller than in the past, with only 10 team members, it also was made up entirely of girls!  As a result, my role on the team was slightly different than usual.  Kristin Clark was the primary trip director, and I was able to come along to provide support and serve the team in whatever way was was needed.  Whether it was gathering supplies, fetching water, or providing spiritual care, I was available for anything.  One of my other roles was to shoot and produced short videos every day for friends and family back home to enjoy .  These videos helped connect those back in Canada with the work and ministry that was happening in Belize.  Here are some of the videos, they help tell the story of the trip.

Corwin ThiessenComment