D4 Becomes a Toxic Wasteland

Throughout the month of November, our weekly youth club (dimension four) presented a prolific new series entitled "Toxic Wasteland". Our students are living in a very challenging time, and you could describe much of our culture as a toxic wasteland. There are so many choices and temptations that face our kids every day. We posed the question, "What if there are things that we allow into our life that may seem harmless but actually poison our souls and steal our joy? How can we avoid these pitfalls?"  We talked about the power of the media, the power of words, and the power of every day choices, all from a biblical perspective. I think many of the students were really challenged to rethink a lot of their choices and some of the things they have been allowing into their lives. 

As part of the series, I thought it would be fun to design and create a set to help symbolize the toxic wasteland. We used caution tape, radioactive symbols, trash cans, and then filled the space with an eery green light. I think the atmosphere of the room really helped convey this idea of the toxic wasteland to the students!  Take a look at the photos, and leave your comments!

Corwin ThiessenComment