NEW California Breakaway display wows Sask Student Leader ConferencE!

This is an exciting time here at YFC.  All of our student initiatives are back and running, and we are so excited to see how God is going to transform student’s lives this year!

Calbreak continues to be one of our most creative and effective ways of introducing students to God’s story.  Through an amazing shared experience in California, we have the opportunity to share life with students and build authentic and life long friendships.  As these relationships deepen, and we take time to hear their stories, we can begin to share about our own journey, and the way that God’s story has transformed our own.  It is such an amazing experience!

Last Thursday we had the opportunity to send some of our YFC staff to the annual Saskatchewan Student Leader Conference, held in Shellbrook this year, to set up our Calbreak display at their big trade show.  We have done this for many years now, and it is a great time of connecting with students and building some excitement about Calbreak.  We take this opportunity very seriously!

This year we decided to completely overhaul our Calbreak display.  With some excellent consultation from our friends Tay and Mike at Fancy Developments, we decided to try to create a very unique visual space for the students to walk into…we called it “California Hipster Living Room”.  We had 8ft whitewashed walls built, we acquired a bunch of unique furniture pieces, hung an american flag, and mounted a giant TV to continually play our Calbreak promo video.

It was a lot of work, there were so many last minute details that had to be pulled together.  I ended up working through the night to ensure that my team had everything they needed.  We pulled it together, and our display was a huge success!  We had so much positive feedback about the vibe that we were able to create.  We pray that every student who interacted with our staff last week will be seriously considering Calbreak for 2016.

I love my work here at YFC for many reasons, but one thing I really appreciate is the opportunity we have to think outside the lines, to be creative and bold in how we engage this generation of students.

Take a look at the photos and leave your comments!

Corwin ThiessenComment