Once again I will have the honour of directing our California Breakaway trip over Easter Break.  2015 will mark the 37th anniversary of CALBREAK.  We leave for this great adventure on April 2, and will return on April 12.  This year we have three buses and 121 high school students from all over the province. As well we have 21 amazing staff and volunteers who will be part of our trip.  God has a very special plan in place for these students, and we believe that every one of them is on the Calbreak this year because of divine appointment.  Our time in California will be marked with not only amazing beaches and thrilling theme parks, but with deep conversations about life, God and faith.

Most of the students on the trip do not come from a church background, so it will be a blessing to have the opportunity to share Jesus through our actions, attitudes, and the sharing of our faith stories.  We know that God will move in a powerful way, please pray for a sense of unity within our group that will be both powerful and authentic.

We know that every student on CALBREAK will consider the truth of Jesus at some point on our trip, please pray that many of these kids will make key decisions to pursue God in their lives.  Please pray for our staff as we prepare to meet and connect with these students on Calbreak 2015!


Corwin ThiessenComment