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     Investing and pouring into young leaders is what drives me, and Project Serve (PS) is a perfect conduit for that to happen.  Not only does PS expose students to a different country and culture, but it opens their eyes to the realities of human suffering, and provides a window into the role the global church  plays in social justice and  restoration.  As we serve the widows and the orphans, we all  experience Jesus in a new and fresh way.

    This past February we took 19 students to Belize and continued our partnership with YWAM Belize and the King's Children's Home (KCH).  The current KCH is extremely small and crowded, with over 90 children all sharing a tiny space.  A new KCH has been under construction for many years, and they are in the final phase of the project.  They are hoping to have the children in the new space by Christmas!  The new KCH will be such a blessing to these orphaned and  abandoned children, as it will provide a clean, safe and  incredibly spacious new home.


Our team worked at the new site helping to prepare the home for the final phase of of roofing and tiling.  We had many different tasks, and team worked  incredibly well together.  We all developed deep relationships with the kids at the home, and it was difficult for our students to say goodbye.  We felt incredibly blessed to be part of the ongoing legacy of teams who have been involved with this life changing project.

Check out the slideshow from our 2013 Project Serve Belize trip!

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    Once again I had the honour of directing our California trip this past Easter Break.  2013 marked the 35th anniversary of CALBREAK.  This year was bit of a different feel from other years, as we had a smaller group and loaded up only two buses.  Typically we run with three or four buses, so our smaller group created a very different vibe.  Throughout the ten day trip it became clear to us that God had a very special plan in place for these 71 students, and that they were all on the trip because of divine appointment.  Our time in California was marked with not only amazing beaches and thrilling theme parks, but with deep conversations about life, God and faith.  

My favourite part of Calbreak was the opportunity to meet new friends and to be able to meet God in a way I had never before
— Calbreak Student

Most of our students did not come from a church background, so it was a blessing to have the  opportunity to share Jesus through our actions, attitudes, and the sharing of our faith stories.  God moved in a powerful way, and we felt a sense of unity within our group that was very powerful and authentic.  Every student on CALBREAK considered the truth of Jesus at some point on our trip, with many making some key decisions to pursue God in their lives.  Please pray for the students and for our staff as they continue to connect with their students now that we're home.

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I just wanted you to know when I got to camp I thought God was a joke and only losers believed in Him, but after hearing your talks...I really got close to God and I started believing and it’s been so much better
— Camper from Camp Kadesh

    This was a text I received from a 14 year old boy a few days after speaking at Camp Kadesh.   I was reminded again what a blessing it was to be able to speak at camp again this summer.  I was at Kadesh for Jr Teen #2, and at Redberry Bible Camp for their Sr. Teen camp.  I was able to connect with so many  students this summer and share the hope of Jesus with them.  The theme for both camps this year was SURRENDER, so I spoke quite a bit on what that looks like in our lives, and why it can be so hard to surrender to God.  

    During chapel one night I spoke about how Jesus surrendered His life when he went to the cross, and how we can truly become alive when we surrender our lives to Him.  I then invited the campers to come to the front, grab a white flag of  surrender and then write down on it the areas of their lives they want to surrender deeper to God.  They then had the opportunity to go and attach their flag  to the cross at the front of the chapel as a symbol of their surrender to Christ.  The Holy Spirit moved in a powerful way, and so many students declared their surrender to Christ that night.  

    Please pray for me as I continue to follow up with many of these campers, and that those who are not connected to a youth group would be able to become part of our d4 group this fall.  And please pray that God would protect these young  people from the attacks of the enemy, as many of them do not have a strong Christian foundation at home and and school.

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    Investing in this generation of young leaders has never been more important, and it remains a team effort.  I cannot continue this important work without the support of my community.  I am looking forward to an amazing season of ministry, and I appreciate your prayers as I provide leadership to Calbreak, Project Serve, our d4 youth club, and our Gymblast school assembly program.  I also ask for your continued financial support.  Donations have been quite low during the summer months, and I begin the busy fall season with the added stress of not receiving a full salary.  I also have two specific needs going into the fall season:

  1. Personal Ministry Fund - I meet with many students regularly for lunches and coffees.  These times are so important as they provide a great opportunity to grow friendships, to talk about the key issues going on in their lives, and a way for me to provide spiritual care and support.  I am needing additional support to specifically help cover the costs of these student appointments.  

  2. Laptop Fund - My laptop is one of the key tools I use in my ministry.  Most of my program planning and administration, all the graphic design I do for the organization, the film editing, social media networking, and all the presentations I put together for all the various ministries happens on my laptop.  My current laptop is having some major issues, my productivity is suffering greatly, and it's becoming a great source of anxiety and frustration for me.  I am needing additional support to help purchase some new equipment, so I can fully take on all the my tasks and responsibilities with greater efficiency.
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    Thanks again for all your prayers and generous support, and for the part you are playing in building up young leaders and reaching a generation of students with the message of Jesus!  God bless you


Corwin Thiessen


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