This year I had the privilege of taking 4 girls to Youth Quake. I loved seeing the friendships develop throughout the weekend. My heart for these girls is that they find their identity in Christ and find lasting friendships along the way. I have this unique opportunity to host a space where girls can come and find meaningful friendships. Thankfully I am so encouraged to see girls who have found Jesus sharing with the other girls about how to find Jesus. That is true friendship, friends that point you to the hope and new life you have found in Christ. Friends are there though thick and thin. My hope for the girls I work with is that they can learn to not only follow Christ but lead their friends to know Christ as well. It’s exciting to see how God is moving in the hearts of the students I work with! I am so grateful to have this opportunity to share God’s hope in and through a lot of fun and laughter along the way.

Here are a number of wonderful moments of Friendship over the last month!

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