Mini Golf and River Walks

The past few months I have been having a hard time getting the girls from my small group to come on Tuesday Nights.  And even when they do come, sometimes they just fight and when that happens I bring them home.  But for the past few weeks the girls have been super excited to come and we have been having a lot of fun hanging out by the river, going mini golfing and I also took the girls to the movie Because of Gracia. 

One of the girls said that this movie changed her life and she is thinking about starting a relationship with God.  We had a long chat by the river talking about who God is and I truly believe that she is so close to accepting him into her life.  I am so glad I kept the group going.  Be praying with me as the girls are going through a lot of deep and hard struggles.  Both them and I need strength and wisdom for the days ahead! 

Carmen PahlComment