Calbreak 2018

This year I had the privilege of taking five students I work with down to California on Calbreak this March/April. I was able to help one of the students fundraise her way to get on the trip.  Two of the other students heavily invested lots of time to help get their friend on the trip whether it was handing out fliers for a bottle drive or going on many runs to Sarcan.  Three of these students were apart of my girls group from last year and Calbreak was a goal we had worked towards as a team. 

When we finished our fundraising goal, the student looked at me and said, "When we were talking about going on Calbreak last year I never believed that I would ever get the money to go, I actually said to myself, you aren't going on that trip ever."  She comes from a single parent home, low income and it's completely fair that she didn't have a lot of hope to go on such an expensive trip.  The fact that the money came in was a huge encouragement to her and a wonderful God moment.  When she first got her passport she brought it to me and was glowing with this realization that she was going and really nothing could stop that from happening, she had the money and had her passport.. she just had to pack! 

Post Calbreak I have been amazed at how this trip has impacted these students.  Four of the five students I brought have never travelled outside of Canada so it was pretty cool to see them experience life outside Saskatchewan and those AHA Calbreak moments was just such an honour.  This trip is more than just a getaway on Spring Break, this trip transforms lives, changes perspectives and has a lasting impact on students hearts.  One of the students I met on the trip didn't know God before the trip, on Huntington Beach told me she wanted to know more about God and by the time we left California her and a few of the other girls were talking about getting together for a Bible Study.  What an amazing testament to God's work on this trip! 

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