Fall and Fundraising

This month I have been focusing heavily on raising my monthly support. My goal is to get to another $1,500 a month and so far I have reached the $250 mark. I am so honoured by the partnerships I have made in the past couple weeks. Please continue to pray that I can keep meeting with the right people and that I would find people who believe in what I am doing at Youth For Christ to partner with me financially. We also had our Fall Fundraising Banquet last week. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported what we do!

The past few months have been filled with some pretty awesome highlights, Ministry always has it’s ups and downs but I am happy to say on Friday another one of the students I work with accepted Jesus into her heart. What an amazing testimony of what God is doing, NEW LIFE. Thanks for your partnership and support with me as I serve.

Carmen PahlComment