Wednesday Night Girls Group

Last week I met for the first time this Fall with my Wednesday Nigh Girls Group.  This year we are looking at the book of Ruth and pulling out a number of themes and issues these girls are facing today.  We will be talking about God's faithfulness to his people, loyalty and also spending a bit of time on the character qualities of Boaz.  Loyalty, Faithfulness and good character are hard to find in today's society.  My goal through this study is to help these girls understand their value and their duty to be a loyal friend, learn what God's faithfulness means and work on their character as they finish High school.  


I am excited to see what this year will hold.  One of the girls expressed her desire to truly know God.  She admits she wants to believe in God, but she just doesn't know if He is real.  Hopefully through the pages of Ruth, the Video study and our discussion we can showcase God's faithfulness to His people and she can come to understand God's grace and love for her.  In the meantime pray that God will bring out the right girls and that Wednesday Night's would be a time where these girls can come together and have fun, fellowship and learn more about God, wherever they are at! :) 

This year I am hoping to bring my Girls Group down to California with me on Calbreak! I had the chance to bring two of my girls last year and now 4 or 5 of the girls want to come along this year! Some of these girls haven't been out of the country and this is a really unique opportunity for them to experience God in a new way. We are doing a Bottle Drive to help cut down the cost of Calbreak for girls who can't afford to go on the trip.  If you have some bottles be sure to let me know and I will come pick them up and bring them to SarCan! 

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