Summer Recap!

This is the first summer in 8 years I have not worked at Ranger Lake Bible Camp. I have missed my camp family, but know that serving at YFC is where I needed to be this summer. Over the course of the summer I have been helping out with the Drop In and working on raising support.  Although my schedule was not as full as the camp life, I have had my fair share of stressful situations during my summer.  Unfortunately, I have had numerous struggles with my health and haven’t had the energy I normally have.  People who know me well, know that it is tough for me to not be doing something, but I have had to learn to take it easy this summer. With that being said I do need a lot of prayer going into the busier fall months, prayer for energy and deep desire for the ministry here at YFC.  I also need to gain more supporters.  I have been blessed by many friends and family who have come onto my support team in the past month, but I need to at least triple the support I have now to catch up with what I need monthly.  This journey has been long and somedays the opportunities to meet with people seem less and less, but if you could pray that I would be able to get more people to come on board with my ministry partner team that would be great!  I have had a few troubles with a few boys at the Drop In, which has been frustrating.  Because I am white and female it is hard for me to have authority over them.  So if you could also pray as I continue to serve with the Drop In that they would respect me and know that I don’t treat them any differently because they are not white! I really want to show them God’s love so that they can know it too!

With all the discouragement's aside, I truly have seen God working in great ways this summer.  We had one of the boys get Baptized a week ago, and a few more are getting baptized on September 11th at Carpenter’s Church. I have also had three people sign up to support me monthly in the past week as well!  In regards to my health, I have hopefully found a family doctorwho can help advocate for me to my Thyroid doctor! I am looking forward to the fall when our regular programs begin! 

Carmen PahlComment