Busy Busy!

These past few months have been jam packed with lots of awesome stuff.  At the end of March, beginning of April was Calbreak! This was my first time on the trip and it changed my life!  I love a number of things about the trip but two of my favourite parts would have to be one hanging out with a bunch of really awesome people and seeing the change happen in kids hearts. There is something so unique about this trip that I can’t really explain in words.  We took 93 youth with us this year and a lot of them had Aha moments that led to them coming to know Christ as their Lord and Saviour! I personally got to experience this change in a few of my small group girls and I can’t wait to go on the trip next year! (I also can’t wait to go to Disneyland for the second time :)) 

Another really great opportunity I had was to attend YFC Canada’s Summer Institute at the end of May.  We spent one week at Redeemer College in Ancaster, ON.  I learned a lot of really valuable information about YFC and about youth culture.  I also got the chance to go to a Toronto Blue Jays game and Niagara Falls for the first time ever!  Here i made some really great friendships and I can’t wait to see how God will use this training in my life!

Please continue to pray for my financial support.  This summer I will be working on meeting with people and trying in increase my monthly partners. Pray that I would be connected with the right people and that God would open up a lot of opportunities to meet! 

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