Ministry Update

These past few weeks at Youth for Christ have been amazing.  I have been learning more and more everyday. The first week was filled with meeting the staff here at YFC, two Gymblast’s and learning the ropes of YFC. My first two Gymblast’s were awesome!  I had so much fun hanging out with the youth and a bunch of former Ranger Lake campers.  It was awesome to see how many kids were interested in coming on our California Breakaway.  This is really encouraging and I am really hoping that lots of the kids will come on the trip to learn more about God and develop their relationship with Him.  

Another really big highlight for me in the past few weeks has been helping out with d4.  D4 is an awesome place for kids who went to camp and experienced a relationship with Him, but aren’t really connected with a church in Saskatoon. At d4 they are able to come and experience that a place in Saskatoon where they can grow in their relationship with God.  At d4, I am in charge of the concession and buying all the supplies for the night.  I am really excited to be connecting with kids there and leading a d4 small group! 

I have also helped out with the Drop in at the YFC Building as well as a Disorganized Sports at Mayfair school a few blocks away.  I have been playing sports and hanging out with these awesome kids.  Most of the kids that come to Drop in are connected to the DS at Mayfair. I have only been to one Drop in, but the kids are so fun and it is a great way for them to come and have fun, food and a small devotional.  Most of these kids rarely hear about Jesus so it is a great way to share the gospel with them. 

Overall my time here has been going great.  I have really connected well with the people I work with and have loved serving the kids I meet.  I can’t wait to see what else God will do this year.  God is good! 

Carmen PahlComment