Building Relationships!

I am loving my time here at Youth for Christ!  I have been gaining great connections with youth in Saskatoon!  Recently, we had a d-group hangout night with my d-group from DimensionFour.  I took five girls to Apex, the trampoline park, on the North end of the city.  Before taking them here I was having trouble connecting with the girls, honestly I think it had to do with the fact that the girls didn’t really know me very well.  At Apex we had a lot of fun, took some selfies and sang along to music in the van.  This was a turning point for me from that point on, in discussion times the girls listened and truly wanted to hear what we were saying.  The next time we met the girls had a lot of questions and comments on the discussion topic for the night, how our speech can be toxic and leave a lasting impression on our heart and mind. We talked about how what people have said about us can really begin to define who we are, according to the world’s standard.  I shared how I believe my identity comes from my belief and relationship with Christ.  Therefore the standard I hold up to what others say about me is within the Word of God.  We talked about Psalm 139:14, the girls loved the fact that God knew them before they were born and that they have been fearfully and wonderfully made.  This has been a huge feat to overcome in my own life, that my value and identity does not come from what others say about me, but what God has laid out in scripture. Sharing this journey with the girls in my group was very powerful.  These girls have been told their whole lives by their parents, by guys, and other girls that they don’t meet the standards the world has laid out for them.  A challenge I laid out for them was if they choose to believe in Jesus and his amazing work, they too, can hold themselves to a higher standard, that they no longer live according the power of the world but to what God says about them.  One of the girls looked like she was going to cry the whole time.  Who knows what she has been told her whole life but obviously the Holy Spirit was at work!  I can’t wait to see how God will use this conversation to bring glory to His name in the future.  I am thankful God has placed me here and given me this opportunity to share words of truth into these girls lives!  Please pray that I will have many more opportunities like this one to share truth and love into these girls lives.  

Carmen PahlComment