I Love My Job!


I love working with youth. There have been ups and downs here but God is in control and I trust him with my life. The song “This is Amazing Grace” has been a song that has been filling my life with truth, that through the chaos he brings it all back into order.  That even on my weak days, he is strong and his amazing grace will always sustain me all my days.

There is much going on!

This past week was tough because I found out that I have Grave’s Disease in my Thyroid.  It could really be a lot worse so I am grateful that the Lord is in control and that even though I am sick that he still loves me and cares for me! 
The first week in October, we had a staff retreat at Emma Lake.  This was really beautiful and very productive. We had a wonderful time of bonding over fires, food and fellowship! Then the next weekend, I led worship at Camp Kadesh for their Mother Daughter Retreat.  This was not directly related to my job but I ended up convincing a few girls to look into our California Breakaway trip in April.  It was awesome to hang out with a few people I knew there and be at Camp Kadesh again!  It is so beautiful there, I got to see the Northern lights on both lake trips!  The following week I led a tie dye event at the YFC Building.  Only one girl came but we had great conversations and it was fun to build a trusting relationship with her. Last week, I had a girl come work with me for most of the day during the grade 9, take your kid to work day.  We had a lot of fun hanging out.  We painted, we tie dyed, did some shopping and of course, had Cranberry Sprite!
This week I will do something fun with my D-Group, either or to Apex or somewhere else fun with my girls!

Thanks again for all your prayers and support of my ministry here. I am looking forward to becoming even more settled and continuing to build relationships with the youth I encounter. 

Carmen Pahl

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